Joe Kane as Paul McCartney

About Joe

Joe’s fate as a musician was sealed at the age of 11 when a chance Saturday afternoon at home brought the Technicolour Pop-Art wonder of The Beatles second movie ‘Help!’ into his life.

His first guitar followed soon after, and armed with a copy of The Beatles Complete songbook and an ever growing collection of copied Beatles albums on cassette and vinyl, Joe taught himself music from The Beatles unparalleled catalogue of songs.

Early adventures into song writing soon followed and with this brought the mastering of drums, piano and of course bass guitar.

Joe furthered his interest in arranging, production and recording in a variety of high school bands and recording projects and soon immersed himself in Glasgow’s vibrant music scene, performing and recording with a variety of successful groups most notably The Owsley Sunshine.

Joe’s experience in production and arranging, as well as his energetic performance style and deep understanding of Beatle music made him the natural choice to perform the role of Paul McCartney in Them Beatles. Naturally right handed, Joe has taught himself to play ‘leftie’ bass!