Craig McGown as George Harrison

About Craig

Being the youngest member of Them Beatles, Craig was the natural selection for George in the group.

His musicianship and close resemblance to George helps capture the energy and spirit of ‘the quiet Beatle’ and helps audiences relive the magic of George’s part within the fab four.

His attention to detail and natural stage persona have made Craig one of the top George Harrison impersonators around.

Highlights for Craig include being personally selected by Cavern City Tours to perform at International Beatleweek’s ‘My Sweet George’ Concert at The Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool.

Touring the world and playing to other Beatle fanatics is another great experience, and one that makes playing in Them Beatles very special indeed!

Craig’s early influences in learning guitar included Eric Clapton, The Clash, The Doors and of course The Beatles.

His earliest memory of The Beatles is visiting Liverpool’s Albert Dock museum, aged 5, with his family and hearing ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ being played in the car journey home to Glasgow.